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Are you ready for aliveness, wellness and authentic spirituality?

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Are you a true spiritual seeker who wishes to awaken and live a healthy, happy life?

Have you tried many different things to make your life better, from yoga to psychotherapy to traveling the world, and still feel like there is something missing?

I understand how challenging it can be creating a meaningful life, navigating interpersonal relationships, having a good work-life balance, enjoying time with friends and family and living an authentically spiritual and awakening life.

This can be challenging on your own. A guide can help you walk the territory of authentic spirituality and meet the challenges that may arise along the way.

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If you long to create a happy, meaningful and engaging life but don’t know how to find your way up that mountain, I am the sherpa who will guide you along the way. You will need to walk the path yourself, but I will walk alongside you on that transformational journey of awakening.

I work one-on-one with people in 50-minute online healing sessions. A typical session involves speaking about what is going on in your life, followed by a healing in which I hold a meditative state of consciousness that helps with your natural unfolding.


I also work with groups, teaching a variety of meditations and spiritual practices that help cultivate wellness, healing and awakening.

As an interfaith minister, I provide spiritual counseling and can help you design bespoke ceremonies for major life events that reflect your values and beliefs.


I have helped teachers, artists, scientists, engineers, ministers, business leaders, homemakers, therapists and many others to create more fulfilling, enlivened and authentic lives.

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